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I write books for children and young adults. I also have tons of fun creating my new line of adult coloring books. You'll see "coming soon" a lot because I'm just revving up!

For Young Adults

A Unicorn Queen Novel

Paperback | eBook

This debut, young adult book launches the legend of the unicorn into a modern-day, twisted tale of vengeful gods, unrequited love, and soulmates gone wrong.

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For Children

Mud Pies &
The Runaway Wish

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Mud Pies is NOW Available!

Photo: My grandbaby holding The Runaway Wish.

Image of Yoga Unicorn meditating in a bed of flowers.

Cabin In The Woods Coloring Books

Color Mediation With Yogi Unicorn

Available NOW!

Try saying Yogi Unicorn without smiling. Bet you can't! Check out my newest obsession!

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About Me

My spirit animal is a unicorn. His sidekick is a chihuahua (it’s a long story). I'm a semi-pro fort builder and rock collector. Fav quote for today: Follow your dreams, they know the way...

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Sketch of a table with two cupcakes and a steaming unicorn mug.

Mud Pies is Available in online stores everywhere!

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The Runaway Wish.)

Mud Pies

A story about moving through grief and finding happiness

Treemates Fox and Squirrel are good friends. But when one of them doesn’t come home, the other begins a journey through feelings of worry, sadness, anger, and loss. Until one day they turn a corner and find happiness. Moving through grief can be messy, but sometimes comfort is covered in mud and waiting to be discovered.

Photo: page from Mud Pies being digitally illustrated. Fox is looking out the window.

The Runaway Wish

Photo: The Runaway Wish book cover

Lydia wants more than anything for her birthday wish to come true, but it floats away. She chases her wish, but when it fizzles on a star, she worries it will never come true. Lydia wakes in the fairytale adventure of her dreams and realizes she might get her wish after all.

Hardcover ~ Paperback ~ Ebook
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Cabin In The Woods Coloring Books

Color Meditation With Yogi Unicorn

An Adult Coloring Book
(safe for the whole fam)
Unicorns, Nature, Mandalas & Inspiration

Being Zen takes work, even for unicorns! Journey through the woods with these magical yogis and leave your stress at the forest’s edge. Take deep breathes and a few moments for yourself to color meditate your way to nirvana!

Color Meditation With Yogi Unicorn has 51, single-sided, coloring pages, including images of yogi unicorns in their natural habitat, mandalas, and words of wisdom.

Packed inside:
29 pages of nature-loving, unicorns practicing yoga
16+ Mandalas
A Chakra guide for unicorns
Sun salutations with Yogi Unicorn
3 Practice pages and 3 bonus pages
Cover image included
For added happiness, find 1 random bird and a rooster!

Illustrations were sourced from various artists. The Yogi Unicorns were created by Stasia Kolodii. Page design by Michelle Guerrero.

Image of Yoga Unicorn meditating in a bed of flowers..

Available now!

Winged ~ A Unicorn Queen Novel

Winged book cover

A Unicorn Queen Novel

Paperback | Ebook

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Seventeen-year-old Tessa O’Sullivan has no idea magic exists. She figures she’s having a rough year plagued with black-outs, memory loss, and sleep deprivation. She doesn’t know her true self is bound in human form because the ancients punished her for defying them or that she ticked off a god who’s bent on destroying her.

When Tessa’s family disappears, she’s thrust into a world of magic and deadly curses with two boys. Musician Cyrus Burns may be her soulmate, or a thief sent to destroy her with a kiss. And Cyrus’s enemy Edric is a family friend who in reality is the Elven King of Tir Na Nog, Tessa’s former lover from a past life who wants to keep her safe, even at the expense of her freedom.

Trusting either of them is impossible because they both keep dangerous secrets. If Tessa doesn’t save her family, they’ll be lost forever, and she’ll be pulled, hooves kicking, into the underworld for all eternity. She’s about to learn as an immortal unicorn queen, past lives can catch up to you and there are some fates worse than death.

About Me

Photo of me (Michelle).

I wanted to grow up to be a mermaid and have a unicorn and decided the next best thing to having fins is being a writer. I'm a mom of four who lives in a cabin in the woods with my husband, two youngest boys, three dogs - well technically two, but spirit dogs count - and seven chickens. The unicorns are still in the works.

I grew up in Illinois but moved to Arizona when perms were still a thing. My bachelor’s degree is from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU. In addition to writing for children and young adults, my articles appear regularly in magazines. I also write and edits fun things for a magical place called Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship.

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Anastasiia Khmelevska

Unicorn on a bench holding a balloon.

Anastasiia Khmelevska enjoys illustrating children's books and creating whimsical works of art. Her favorite mediums are watercolor and digital art. She lives in Lviv, Ukraine. Check out her illustrations on Instagram @cute_miuu.

Bojana Stojanovic

Photo of Bojana Stojanovic.

Bojana Stojanovic is an award winning illustrator currently living in Belgrade, Serbia. She found her calling in children’s publishing and has illustrated numerous books for young readers. Bojana’s art is inspired by nature and the animal kingdom. She loves to draw adorable creatures that are able to tell a story at first glance. She also loves experimenting in traditional and digital media to develop her art even further.